What are the current customs regulations between Belarus and EU? How to transport temperature-sensitive goods safely from Asia to Europe? Which is the fastest route from Ukraine to China? Don’t ask just anybody; ask the Militzer & Münch specialists.  Eurasia runs in their blood.

Each of the Militzer & Münch organizations in Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan boasts over two decades of experience. “And this is what distinguishes our Group”, says Dr. Lothar Thoma, CEO M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding AG. “We have strong roots in Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan, our managers and employees have created the organizations there.”

Be it the language, logistic challenges, laws or customs formalities – the Militzer & Münch teams are thoroughly familiar with all that. Giving proof of resilience and expert know-how, the Militzer & Münch country units have secured a safe position in the logistics industry of their country, each branch characterized by deep roots and individual strengths.

Belarus: Success with the company-owned fleet

25 years of Militzer & Münch Belarus: in 1993, with a five-member team, Simone Barch and Viktor Blazhukevich opened the first Byelorussian office in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Today, SOOO M&M Militzer & Münch Belarus employs a staff of 400 at eleven locations and steadily follows its growth course. In 2017, M&M Belarus started construction on a logistics center in the northeast of Minsk, near the Minsk MKAD ring road.

“With our own fleet of 180 vehicles, we offer comprehensive logistics services, including hazardous materials and valuable goods transports as well as customs clearance”, says Viktor Blazhukevich, Managing Director Militzer & Münch Belarus.

In 2001, Militzer & Münch Belarus added national express services to its portfolio – the first company to offer this service in Belarus. Today, the team handles over 40,000 express shipments per month. The big sorting plant within the new logistics center is urgently needed.



Ukraine – a well attuned team

25 years of Militzer & Münch Ukraine: in 1992, Militzer & Münch Ukraine GmbH was founded in Kyiv; branch offices in Boryspil and Odessa were inaugurated  a few years later. “All in all, we now count a staff of 36”, says Viktor Korol, Managing Director  M&M Militzer & Münch Ukraine GmbH. “Many of our employees have been with us for over 15 years already. The often long-time cooperation within the teams generates efficient service and collaboration based on trust.”

The EU is the most important market for Militzer & Münch Ukraine, but growing trade between Ukraine and Asia causes rising demand for transports to Asian destinations, with especially sea transports increasing; but air freight, too, is highly popular at this time. “On demand, we handle complete transports including customs clearance”, Viktor Korol says. “For us, the customer’s satisfaction is always top priority.”


Uzbekistan transports pharmaceuticals, too

20 years of Militzer & Münch Uzbekistan: M&M Militzer & Münch Uzbekistan S.C., founded in Tashkent in 1997, offers the entire logistics service palette. Whether road transports or rail freight, airfreight or sea freight, the 15-member staff of Militzer & Münch Uzbekistan always finds the ideal transport solution for their customers.

“At request, we do complete transports from warehousing to customs management”, says Khurshid Kasimdzhanov, Managing Director M&M Militzer & Münch Uzbekistan S.C. “Apart from nationwide distribution, we also offer weekly groupage shipments from Europe to Central Asia. But for the majority of our activities, we focus on project logistics.”

Militzer & Münch Uzbekistan has also specialized in the transport of pharmaceutical goods. “With pharmaceuticals, an end-to-end cool chain is decisive”, Khurshid Kasimdzhanov says. “If the cool chain is interrupted even for a short time, the entire cargo is in jeopardy. Other strict quality standards have to be met, too, to protect the sensitive goods – our teams are well-versed in this field.”

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