Dino Wang, 45, has been heading the Militzer & Münch branch office in Urumqi, China, since January 4, 2022. Well-connected and with more than 13 years of experience in the logistics industry, he is rising to the challenge of further developing the branch and strengthening communication with foreign partners. His previous employers include Kühne + Nagel, among others.

Gunaghua Nie, Dino Wang’s predecessor, is responsible for driving forward the sales activities in the region.


Bridge to Central Asia

Urumqi is located in the Xinjiang province in northwest China, which directly borders Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. Since 1990, the Militzer & Münch subsidiary has been acting as a bridge to Central Asia and Europe from there, strengthening the region’s role as the most important connecting point between the Chinese market and its direct neighbors.


Five questions for Dino Wang

In this interview, Dino Wang reveals how he plans to develop the Urumqi site in the future and what he particularly likes about working in the logistics industry.

Mr. Wang, as you have been with the company for a short time, you are still looking at everything with a fresh eye. What do you particularly like about working at Militzer & Münch?

Dino Wang: I feel really honored to be able to work at Militzer & Münch. We have a relaxed working atmosphere, good communication with colleagues, and a vast, worldwide service network, which, in my opinion, provides excellent service to our customers.

What are your plans for the M&M branch in Urumqi in the near future?

Dino Wang: From all major cities in the world, Urumqi is the one farthest away from any sea.  Due to its unique geographical location, it is an important land bridge connecting China with Europe, the Central Asian countries and Russia.

We are planning to expand also the air and sea freight business in the future, to build up a sales team, and to rely on Militzer & Münch’s worldwide service network in order to provide customers with an even better service and to achieve higher earnings.

Which industries do your most important customers operate in?

Dino Wang: Xinjiang is a resource-rich region with large oil, natural gas, and mineral deposits. Cotton, pepper and grain are also cultivated. These are exactly the sectors that our customers focus on.

What does the “Belt and Road Initiative” mean for Militzer & Münch China?

Dino Wang: For us, the “Belt and Road Initiative” means that Militzer & Münch China gets access to more business opportunities, and that we are more involved in the economic and cultural exchange between China and the world.

To conclude, a more personal question: How long have you been working in the logistics industry, and what fascinates you about it?

Dino Wang: I have been in the logistics industry for over 13 years. It is one of the oldest industries ever in human history – initially goods were transported by muscle power in wagons and boats. Since then, the industry has evolved over thousands of years. Logistics professionals are like cells in the blood vessels of the human body, which transport blood to ensure the normal functioning of all bodily functions. I am proud to be part of the logistics industry.

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