Militzer & Münch China transported components of gas turbines for a power station from Antwerp in Belgium to Pingshan in China. The three 130-ton units were shipped, among others, by container vessel and articulated truck. The transport was executed by a team of Militzer & Münch Beijing in March and April.

During the project, there were several hurdles to be taken. First of all, for the loading and unloading of the container vessel, a floating crane had to be used with a capacity of up to several thousand tons. Once loaded, the parts were shipped to China. Owing to their weight and measurements, such components are normally transported via heavy-lift ship.

But due to their long years of experience and good contacts, the Chinese Militzer & Münch team succeeded in getting the cargo transported via container vessel. The transit time is only 35 days and thus much shorter than via heavy-lift ship. Port of discharge was Chiwan in Guangdong Province.

Specialized team

The transport team had to cover the remaining 200 kilometers to Pingshan in Guangdong Province by road. The Militzer & Münch employees obtained the necessary special permits and escort vehicles for the eight to ten-axle articulated trucks and trailers.

It was the first transport the new Militzer & Münch China projects team did for one of the biggest power corporations in China. “The project showed us that we have a very competent team here in Beijing”, says Glenn Bai, Managing Director Militzer & Münch China. “We look forward to further exciting projects of this kind.”

Specialization Militzer & Münch China

  • Individual solutions incl. consultancy on customs clearance and road permit requirements in China
  • Contacts to break-bulk carriers and port authorities
  • Execution of out-of-gauge and heavy-lift cargo shipments
  • Domestic road & barge transports
  • Special equipment

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