New terminal inaugurated in Sofia

Smart, efficient, and future-oriented: on May 19, M&M Militzer & Münch BG Co. Ltd. officially inaugurated its new transshipment terminal in Sofia. The cross-docking facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, thus ensuring the efficient handling of general and groupage cargo. At the same time, it forms the basis for Militzer & Münch Bulgaria to continue growing in the road freight sector.

The new facility was built to fully meet the requirements of Militzer & Münch Bulgaria. Its transshipment area covers 1,800 square meters. Incoming and outgoing shipments are handled via 16 loading gates, and scanned with the latest generation industrial tablets. A high level of security is ensured; among other things, the entire facility is video-monitored by 60 cameras.

In addition, the facility offers 880 square meters of state-of-the-art office space, creating ideal working conditions for the entire administrative and road transport team of Militzer & Münch Bulgaria. From the terminal, Militzer & Münch mainly serves Germany, Italy, France, Benelux, Spain, and Northern Europe.

“With the new cross-docking facility, we intend to continue expanding in the road segment,” explains Sacho Todorov, CEO M&M Militzer & Münch BG Co. Ltd. “Thanks to modern technology, our cargo handling operations have become more digital; we are increasing efficiency and raising the quality level even further. We are thus opening up additional opportunities for our new and existing customers.”

Militzer & Münch benefits from Uzbek investments

Uzbekistan is one of the biggest cotton fiber producers worldwide. The Central Asian republic has been investing in its textile and garment industry for some years, banking on technology and know-how from abroad. The industry continues to anticipate massive expansion of capacities.

Militzer & Münch and its customers are also profiting from the investments in the textile sector. For one of the biggest textile exporters in the CIS, Militzer & Münch delivered the equipment to a new production site in the Fergana Valley. Here, in the Uchkurgan region, the exporter combined two of his factories into one plant. The Fergana Valley is famous for its thriving silk production.

For the new production site, the exporter required machinery and other equipment from Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Korea, China, India, Switzerland and Turkey. The goods traveled tens of thousands of kilometers by plane, vessel, rail or road. The total transport volume was 650 units, loaded into 150 full truck loads and 500 40-foot containers.

“The project took about one year, it was very exciting, but also challenging”

Renata Gafarova
Project Manager at Militzer & Münch Uzbekistan

The equipment comprised, among others, a complete laboratory, cotton spinning equipment, a rewinding machine, a compressor unit, weaving machinery, winding equipment, a knitting machine as well as an air conditioning system.

“The project took about one year, it was very exciting, but also challenging”, says Renata Gafarova, Project Manager at Militzer & Münch Uzbekistan. “We had to coordinate the deliveries from ten different countries very precisely, observe the different customs regulations – and match all this with the customer’s requirements. We are proud and really happy that everything worked out so well.”

Textile industry in Uzbekistan invests one billion dollar

In revenue, the textile and garment industry is the second biggest sector of Uzbekistan’s manufacturing industry, the biggest being the food, beverage and tobacco industry. All the more reason for the Uzbek government to invest in the textile industry. In 2015, the state joint stock company “O´zbekyengilsanoat” announced a development program until 2020. During this period, projects worth one billion US dollars are to be carried out in the Uzbek textile industry.

The investments offer Militzer & Münch potential for further orders. “The textile exporter is one of our biggest customers and we are proud to be working for the eight factories he operates across the entire Uzbek Republic”, says Khurshid Kasimdzhanov, Managing Director M&M Militzer & Münch Uzbekistan. “The expansion of the textile sector enables us to extend our cooperation with this customer and win new customers from the industry.”

„Our employees are our most important asset“

After more than a year of the pandemic, the Militzer & Münch Group looks back on 2020 with an overall sense of satisfaction. The results of the individual regions vary – but one thing is certain: The employees are committed to creatively mastering the small and big challenges, and to always having an open ear for their customers.

The Militzer & Münch Group’s 2020 business year was, on the whole, satisfactory. “The term ‘mixed fortunes’ sums up the past year quite well,” says Alexei Kovalenko, Chief Financial Officer TransInvest and Militzer & Münch, and spokesman of the Militzer & Münch Group Management. “Except for the spring, especially the month of April, which was marked by lots of uncertainties due to the completely new situation, the rest of the year went largely in line with our expectations.” Among others, there was positive business development in Western Europe, particularly in France and Germany, as well as in the Maghreb.

The Militzer & Münch teams in the individual countries played a substantial role in this development. “These past months have confirmed once again that employees are our most important asset,” says Alexei Kovalenko. “Besides the framework conditions imposed on us by the governments, development is closely related to the colleagues on site. In many cases, the local management did a good job of communicating the temporary and necessary measures, such as short-time work, and the teams went along with them – that was crucial in order to prevail also in the future.”

In addition, the politico-economic framework conditions in some countries were favorable, especially in France and Germany, and Militzer & Münch made use of government support. “In Germany, we experienced some tough weeks in Q2 across all business segments,” says Holger Seehusen, member of the M&M Group Management and Managing Director M&M air sea cargo GmbH. “The option of short-time work was important for the German country unit, and our team fully backed the decision.” In Central Asia, for example, there was no such form of government support, which made the situation far more difficult. There, Militzer & Münch is active in the project business, among other things – this segment however declined noticeably during the pandemic. “Central Asia has been and will be badly shaken by the pandemic,” says Alexei Kovalenko. “However, we are confident that the situation will ease again, and we are still expecting great opportunities in the project business along the new Silk Road.”

Positive signals from the industries

After minor declines, demand from automotive customers already recovered in 2020, and also in the textile and cosmetics sectors, Militzer & Münch records only minor dents in transport demand. “Especially with cosmetics and hygiene products, our expectations of an increase in demand were perhaps a bit higher than it ultimately turned out to be,” says Holger Seehusen. “A positive example is the good cooperation between the teams in China and Germany on the transport of corona protection materials.”

Asia is also benefiting from the e-commerce business, which is particularly noticeable at EMEX, the M&M courier and express service in Kazakhstan – a development that was already apparent in 2020 and continued in Q1/2021. The 1st quarter of 2021 was good in all Militzer & Münch regions, with the country units in Asia still needing to catch up more than their European counterparts.

In some regions, the signs are even pointing to growth: the former delegation in Malaysia has been turned into a full country unit as a joint venture. Militzer & Münch France has taken over ITP and ITPL, companies of the LPS Group (Logistique et Prestations de Services), to further strengthen the Maghreb business. In Vienna, Austria, Militzer & Münch has been represented by its own branch office since October 2020. And the joint venture in Serbia is also developing promisingly. “2020 was the first full year of business for the highly motivated team,” says Alexei Kovalenko. “Thanks to the good development, we decided in March 2021 to acquire the previously rented property with 10,000 square meters of warehousing and 3,000 square meters of office space in Dobanovci near Belgrade, thus giving Militzer & Münch Serbia even more space for growth.”

Ready for the extra mile

The Militzer & Münch Group has always been flexible, and the pandemic once again confirmed it. Where activities allowed, home office options were created at short notice, with both the central IT in Hof and the local IT teams contributing. Some sites relied on a rotating model, which ensured that the offices were never fully staffed.

For the sales teams, among others, however, the pandemic with its many restrictions has been a challenge. “At times, one-on-one customer contact was not possible at all, and digital-only meetings are not easy for either side – neither for forwarders nor for their customers,” says Holger Seehusen. “The creativity of the employees in approaching customers has shown that even in difficult times they are motivated to go the extra mile, to always be close to their customers and understand their needs.” And they demonstrate a great deal of flexibility: telephone conferences called at short notice across national borders and time zones go very well – proof that intensive and efficient exchange is also possible digitally.

Maintaining customer relationships is easier in pandemic times than acquiring new customers, but Militzer & Münch was already well positioned before the pandemic and was able to rely on existing contacts. Thus, the Rail segment at M&M air sea cargo GmbH, for example, developed well in cooperation with the InterRail Group. The relatively new project department in Düsseldorf also gained a foothold and completed some exciting project shipments, including on-carriage to the hinterland, within a very short period of time. In view of the positive business development, Militzer & Münch decided to join the worldwide Atlas Breakbulk Alliance (ABA) network, whose members are forwarding companies with a focus on project shipments only. Thus, participation in the Breakbulk Europe trade fair, which will hopefully take place next year, is a must.

Alexei Kovalenko, Chief Financial Officer, TransInvest and Militzer & Münch, as well as Spokesman of Militzer & Münch Group Management

Holger Seehusen, member of the Militzer & Münch Group Management and Managing Director M&M air sea cargo GmbH.

New country unit in Malaysia

The Militzer & Münch network in Southeast Asia has been expanded: Since May 10, Militzer & Münch has been operating its own country unit in Malaysia. M&M Militzer & Muench SDN BHD, as the company is officially named, focuses on worldwide air and sea freight with comprehensive services.

Militzer & Münch has already been represented in Malaysia by delegate Gopal Krishnan since 2019. He has now taken over the management of the new country unit. “We want to position ourselves in the growth market Malaysia with top quality and comprehensive services,” says Gopal Krishnan. The team’s office is located in Subang Jaya, a major city just outside the capital Kuala Lumpur, with direct connections to both Port Klang and KLIA – the country’s most important seaport and airport, respectively.

“Malaysia is one of the fastest-growing countries worldwide, and is also gaining increasing importance as a logistics hub. With the new country unit, we are making a clear commitment to the location,” explains Andreas Löwenstein, Regional Managing Director Asia / Far East. “We see great potential above all in the air and sea freight sectors, but definitely also in cross-border trucking to the neighboring countries of Singapore and Thailand. In addition, from Malaysia we aim to further expand all our activities in the ASEAN countries.”

In demand: the new route to Baku

Launched last year, already firmly established today: Militzer & Münch’s new truck route Germany – Azerbaijan is in high demand among customers. Every week, two to three groupage trucks are on their way from Eichenzell to Baku, a distance of more than 4,000 kilometers.

Militzer & Münch organizes the transports in cooperation with Nijat Shabanly, the Militzer & Münch delegate in Baku, and TP Logistik, the new local partner. “The first transports started in August 2020,” says Julian Backenstoß, Manager of the Militzer & Münch Eichenzell branch. “Since then, transport volumes have developed very positively. Our customers ship goods from all sectors, from household appliances and electrical goods to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and products for the food industry.”

There are two options for the route to Azerbaijan: via Poland, Belarus and Russia, or via Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia. The decision on which way the shipments are routed is mostly based on the current permit conditions and the political situation. While the truck is in the EU, it can take on additional cargo; the trailer or semitrailer is not sealed until it reaches the EU’s external border. On request, the Militzer & Münch customs departments in Hof or Bad Reichenhall handle customs management.

The trucks are on the road for a total of ten to 14 days each way. Upon arrival in Azerbaijan, the shipments are received at the Baku customs terminal and cleared by the consignee or their agent.

Militzer & Münch Dubai is well on course

Since the reorientation of the M&M country unit in Dubai in 2017 by a new management team, Militzer & Münch has successfully expanded its business and tripled its workforce. In the meantime, the team has extended its service-portfolio to provide customers with a comprehensive range of services pertaining to transportation and storage.

Militzer & Münch has been able to significantly expand its Dubai location in recent months. It was only in October 2018 that the team moved from Dubai Airport to the port in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZ), where it has been operating a warehouse ever since. There, employees can coordinate the loading of containers themselves and offer additional services such as storage, transports to and from India and the Middle East, or the import of flavors for the tobacco industry.

“The colleagues are intimately familiar with the local market and always give proof of high commitment.”

Nikolaus Kohler
Regional Managing Director Middle East / Central Asia, M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding AG

“Since 2018, the customer base and the service portfolio have grown enormously,” says Nikolaus Kohler, Regional Managing Director Middle East / Central Asia, M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding AG. “An important part of our business in Dubai are warehousing services and distribution for local customers. For example, we very often transport spare parts for boats and ships, and printer consumables.”

A new office for customer service 

Another milestone: Militzer & Münch Dubai has opened its own sales office in the city. “This allows the team to concentrate even more on customer service. A major part of the business is regional transportation for a globally active food company. The team is also currently developing further logistics solutions for the region and for the CIS countries. The employees are also in charge of all questions regarding the Militzer & Münch Dubai air and sea freight services.

“These great developments were possible above all because we have a great team on site in Dubai,” says Nikolaus Kohler. “The colleagues are intimately familiar with the local market and always give proof of high commitment. We certainly owe our success also to the fact that Militzer & Münch Dubai is well connected locally, while at the same time having access to the international Militzer & Münch network.”

New office in Vienna

On October 1, Militzer & Münch started operating a branch office in Austria. The team at the new office in Vienna is active in both operations and sales, offering Austrian companies an ideal access to the markets in Central and Eastern Europe.

With the new location at Vienna’s DC Tower, Militzer & Münch is expanding its geographic coverage at the heart of Europe and intensifying its proximity to local customers. For the time being, the office is run as a foreign branch of M&M Militzer & Münch AG, Switzerland – with the aim of turning into a country unit in its own right at a later date. From the Austrian capital, the experienced team concentrates on the Militzer & Münch core markets of Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia and the Maghreb, with a special focus on rail transport.

Austria boasts a stable economy, and the Vienna region has always been a successful economic hub in the trade between West and East. Under the management of Nikolay Gueorguiev, the local Militzer & Münch team will help to successfully lead the Militzer & Münch Group towards post-corona growth. Nikolay Gueorguiev previously worked for other well-known international logistics companies.

Do you have any questions about the new Vienna office? Please feel free to contact us:

M&M Militzer & Münch AG
Branch office Vienna
Regus Business Center
DC Tower, 30. OG
Donau-City Straße
1220 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 1 2055 5171 -70

The course is set for growth

In October 2019, Militzer & Münch founded a joint venture with the Serbian logistics company Invictus System Transport & Logistics D.O.O. With this move, Militzer & Münch further expands its existing network in the Balkans. Now, the Serbian Militzer & Münch organization is celebrating its first anniversary – and is looking ahead with confidence: Their goal is to be among the leaders in the Serbian transport and logistics sector within the next two years.

After a year of intensive work, the course is set for growth at Militzer & Münch Serbia. The Serbian Militzer & Münch unit operates five offices in Serbia. The head office is in Dobanovci, where the logistics service provider offers its whole service portfolio. Additional offices are in Belgrade, Velika Plana and Pozega, where the Serbian country unit provides customs clearance services. At an office in Leskovac, the M&M Serbia team offers customs clearance services as well as transportation. Militzer & Münch Serbia currently uses 5,000 square meters of rented storage space for its operations in Dobanovci. “Business is developing well, and we will move into an additional 5,000 sqm storage space by November 1. Due to our growth and the market demand, we are planning to operate our own distribution center in the future”, says Nikola Vasiljevic, COO Militzer & Münch Serbia

Quickly established

The 80 employees process circa 1,000 orders per month; they generated a turnover of around twelve million euros last year. “It is thanks to the great commitment of our team in Serbia that we were able to establish ourselves in the market so quickly”, says Filip Simovic, CEO Militzer & Münch Serbia. “The courageous decision to start the joint venture last year was the right one – now we want to further expand our business.”

Before the joint venture was founded, Militzer & Münch was largely unknown in the Serbian market. A customer base had to be built first. Today, the Serbian Militzer & Münch organization already cooperates with more than 150 customers. They include companies from the chemical, textile, automotive, pharmaceutical and beverage industries. Particularly successful are groupage services for imports from Germany, Austria and Italy, but also for exports to Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Albania.

Militzer & Münch Serbia’s services include part and full loads, refrigerated transports, as well as customs and storage solutions. “Customer satisfaction is our top priority,” explains Filip Simovic. “With tailor-made logistics services, high quality and the commitment of our team, we clearly stand out from the competition.”

日本の新しいオンラインカジノは、その場所に固有のジオロケーションベースのゲームを提供しています.この機能は、プレイヤーにとって歓迎すべきイノベーションです。このソフトウェアを使用すると、オンライン カジノはボーナスやゲーム プレイをその場所に合わせてカスタマイズできます。日本政府は最近、ギャンブルの合法化を承認しましたが、特定の形式のみが許可されています.日本には合法的なオンライン カジノがないため、熱心なプレイヤーが合法的にギャンブルをすることが難しくなっています。彼らの多くは違法な賭けに目を向けます。

日本のオンラインビーナス ポイント カジノで最も人気のあるゲームはビデオゲームとスロットです。これらのゲームは簡単にプレイでき、戦略を必要とせず、プレイヤーはこれらのゲームを何時間もプレイできます。スロットは、ビデオ スロット、クラシック スロット、プログレッシブ ジャックポット ゲームなど、さまざまなバリエーションで提供されます。日本のオンライン スロットで運試しをしたい場合は、さまざまなゲームが提供されていることに驚くことでしょう。

日本でオンラインカジノを探すときは、サインアップボーナスを提供し、モバイルプラットフォームを備え、使いやすいカジノを探してください。また、多数のゲーム、すっきりとしたデザイン、便利な支払い方法も備えている必要があります。また、税金を気にせずに入金できることを確認してください。最も重要なことは、プレイヤーに安全で安全な環境を提供するオンライン カジノを選択することです。


日本ではオンライン ギャンブルは違法ですが、法律を回避して日本でオンライン ギャンブルを行う方法がいくつかあります。まず、日本にお住まいの方は、政府のウェブサイトでオンライン ギャンブルが許可されているかどうかを確認してください。政府は以前、ギャンブルを全面的に禁止していましたが、近年は緩和されています。たとえば、スポーツ賭博は日本では合法です。

次に、入金する前に、カジノが本人確認を提供しているかどうかを確認してください。写真付き身分証明書または住所文書をアップロードする準備ができている限り、プロセスは簡単で安全です。その後、入金を続行できます。日本の正規のオンライン カジノでは、ゲームを使用する前にこの認証が必要になります。

最後に、安全な評判のカジノを選択してください。日本のオンラインカジノでプレイすることは危険を伴う可能性がありますが、日本の多くのオンラインカジノはライセンスを取得しており、プレイヤーに安全な環境を提供しています.安全性とセキュリティが心配な場合は、SSL 証明書を探してください。一部のサイトには、責任あるギャンブルの証明書さえあります。

“The courageous decision to start the joint venture last year was the right one – now we want to further expand our business.”

Filip Simovic
CEO Militzer & Münch Serbia

However, the pandemic does not leave the Serbian Militzer & Münch unit unaffected. “We have seen declines especially in the automotive and chemical sectors,” says Nikola Vasiljevic, “while demand has gone up enormously elsewhere: In the pharmaceutical and food sectors, there were increases of up to 60 percent – and we are also seeing growing interest from our customers in our cold chain capacities.”

Air and sea freight next

The logistics service provider plans to expand business even further. “In 2021, we want to step into the air and sea freight business, as these segments offer enormous potential,” says Nikola Vasiljevic. “An important project is also planned in rail transport. Serbia is a bridge to the EU – many goods reach Western Europe via our region. Which is why, together with the Militzer & Münch Group, we plan to establish a train connection between China and Serbia, routed via Budapest. We are already in the process of preparing a pilot train for the product.” With these big plans for the second year, the Serbian unit looks to the future with optimism.

New distribution center in Minsk

In October 2020, Militzer & Münch took into operation a new distribution center in the north-east of the Belarusian capital Minsk. The 2,000 square meters facility will be used mainly for express goods handling.

“The new logistics terminal gives us the opportunity to further strengthen our position on the Belarusian market,” says Victor Blazhukevitch, Managing Director of Militzer & Münch Belarus. In the future, the new property will be used mainly for handling express goods on an area of 2,000 square meters. A small part is also designated for the long-term storage of pallets and the handling of general cargo. The distribution center is ideally located in the northeast of the Belarusian capital near the Minsk MKAD beltway.

Currently, Militzer & Münch Belarus counts about 400 employees working at 15 locations throughout the country. The company handles groupage, part and full loads and express shipments using its own fleet of trucks. The portfolio of Militzer & Münch Belarus also includes services in the field of air and sea freight and customs clearance as well as hazardous goods and heavy lift transports.

Important hub

Belarus offers great potential for the Militzer & Münch Group, both in terms of the local economy and as a transit country between the Eurasian and the European Unions. The industrial country is an important hub in the Belt and Road Initiative between Asia and Europe. “Belarus is a preferred location for industrial, trade and logistics enterprises,” says Victor Blazhukevitch. Germany is among the country’s most important trading partners.

50 years of Militzer & Münch Greece

Militzer & Münch founded the country unit in Greece on October 1, 1970. The company has been active there for almost 70 years, as Militzer & Münch’s first office abroad was established in Athens in the 1950s. 

Were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding restrictions on contact, the company would have several reasons to celebrate this year: in spring, Militzer & Münch turned 140 years old, and October marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the country unit in Greece.

Greece was the place where Militzer & Münch moved into its first office abroad: By the 1950s – almost 70 years ago – the company already had its own agency in Athens. Until 1970, further offices followed in the important port cities of Thessaloniki and Volos. Even then, the Greek team offered numerous import and export services by land, air and sea as well as customs and warehousing services. These included, for example, consolidated rail transports from Germany to Athens.

One of the more recent milestones of the country unit: in late 2018, Militzer & Münch Greece moved into a new distribution center, merging various warehouses at the Aspropyrgos site near Athens. In addition to the almost 14,000 square meters facility in Aspropyrgos, the company continues to operate at its second location, in Thessaloniki (4,400 square meters).

To keep up to date with our milestones and news, please feel free to connect with us via LinkedIn.


M&M Strengthens Position in Maghreb Region

A new location for automotive services in Morocco, a new groupage line from France to Bejaïa in Algeria – Militzer & Münch continues expanding operations in the Maghreb countries.

With the additional location in Morocco, Militzer & Münch is ideally positioned for the automotive sector. The 1,100 square meter warehouse is situated in Northern Morocco, just 30 kilometers from Tangier Automobile City and 60 kilometers from Tanger Med, the port. To operate the warehouse, Militzer & Münch founded M&M Automotive Logistics, a separate company.

The advantages for the customer: the location within Tangier Free Zone allows faster customs procedures. Moreover, Tangier Free Zone is optimally connected; in vicinity to the international airport, the Free Zone is also connected to Tanger Med and the highway system.

The Morocco team cooperates closely with Militzer & Münch France – M&M France is registered with the major European automotive manufacturers as logistics service provider and offers such services also in France. “Militzer & Münch France owes its position as market leader on the Europe-Maghreb trade lane to good cooperation with its country units”, says Guillaume de Laage de Meux, Managing Director Militzer & Münch France and Regional Managing Director South West Europe / Maghreb. “The opening of the new location is the most recent example of our cooperation with Militzer & Münch Morocco. Strengthening our position in the field of aviation and automotive logistics is part of our strategy.”

Algeria Transports Expanded

On February 29, Militzer & Münch France moreover launched a new groupage transport service to Bejaïa, a port in Algeria. With Algiers 2009 and Oran 2018, there are now three direct groupage transport lines from Marseille to Algeria. This service meets the rising demand for exports to the country’s east. Militzer & Münch offers two groupage departures per month with direct connection from Marseille and a five-day transit time. The goods are ungrouped in a dry port at Tixter, only six kilometers away from the East-West highway, the major road axis in Algeria. Plans are to launch service also to Annaba on Algeria’s northeastern coast soon.

What is an Advanced Supplier Store?

An Advanced Supplier Store (ASP) is a local logistics solution that allows logistics service providers to offer their customers just-in-time delivery according to a number of specifications. For the customer, the ASP guarantees reactivity, flexibility and reliability. In the automotive sector a widespread logistics solution, ASP allows industrial enterprises and constructors to secure their supply chains, to avoid production stoppages, and to optimize and monitor their costs.

At the new ASP, Militzer & Münch Morocco offers the following services:
•    IT supported warehouse management;
•    bonded warehouse:
•    order picking management;
•    kitting;
•    co-packing;
•    distribution and pick-up within and between Free Trade Zones

“We Want to Be the Market Leader Two Years From Now”

In an interview, Filip Simovic, CEO, and Nikola Vasiljevic, COO of Militzer & Münch Serbia, talk about their ambitious growth plans. In October 2019, Militzer & Münch founded the joint venture with Serbian logistics company Invictus System Transport & Logistics D.O.O. to further develop its network in the Balkans.

Mr. Vasiljevic, how is the joint venture perceived in the Serbian market?

Nikola Vasiljevic: Before the joint venture was founded, Militzer & Münch was more or less unknown in the Serbian market. We had first of all to acquire a customer base and win the customers’ trust. At this time, we focus on establishing Militzer & Münch more firmly in the national logistics market. 

Mr. Simovic, you have set yourselves an ambitious goal for the Serbian logistics market. How are you planning to reach it?

Filip Simovic: Our objective is to be the market leader in Serbia two years from now. Customer satisfaction is our number one focus. We analyze the demand in the Serbian logistics market and adapt our services optimally to our customers’ requirements. All our logistics services are customized. Our top-quality performance and the commitment of our team already distinguish us from our competitors; there is high demand for our logistics solutions. Since the joint venture was founded last autumn, business has developed well, and we are confident that we will be able to reach our goal.

“Our top-quality performance and the commitment of our team already distinguish us from our competitors.”

Filip Simovic
CEO Militzer & Münch Serbia



What have been your biggest successes so far?

Nikola Vasiljevic: From the beginning, we used substantial advertising campaigns to market each of our services – they include road transport, customs clearance and storage. With our marketing campaign, we have already been able to position ourselves as a serious player in the Serbian market.

We are very proud to see that our services are in such high demand after such a short time. Especially the groupage transport we launched from Germany, Austria and Italy is a very big success for us. Recently added were Militzer & Münch groupage traffics for exports to Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania.

How many Militzer & Münch locations are there in Serbia?

Filip Simovic:
 One office is in Dobanovci – an industrial zone near Belgrade – and the other is at Leskovac, in the south. In Dobanovci, we are currently renting a 1,000 square meter storage area for customs clearance services, and we are constructing our own warehouse and office premises at this time. The property will cover 10,000 square meters. In May/June we will already be able to take into operation the first 5,000 square meters.

How is the cooperation with other Militzer & Münch country units?

Nikola Vasiljevic: We soon realized that we can always cooperate with the entire Militzer & Münch Group in a reliable and trustful way. As many German companies have production plants in Serbia, we often handle projects together with the German Militzer & Münch unit. Especially the collaboration with the German Militzer & Münch branches in Stockstadt, Nuremberg and Hof works excellently. The German colleagues give us their full support.

What services are you offering in Serbia at this time, and what services are planned for the near future?

Filip Simovic: At the moment, our focus is on road transports – part loads, full loads and refrigerated transports. We also offer the whole range of customs services and warehousing. We aim to extend our activities also to air and sea transport as well as rail freight.

What industries are you serving?

Nikola Vasiljevic: Most of the transports we handle are for companies from the chemistry, textile, automotive, pharmaceutical and beverages sectors. There is lots of investment in Serbia at this time, mainly from abroad. Most investors are from the automotive industry, and to a large extent, they are from Germany. Which is why we at Militzer & Münch Serbia place a strong focus on this sector.

Have you already done first transports in the field of project logistics?

Filip Simovic: In November 2019, we successfully handled the first project transport. For a renowned Serbian textile manufacturer, we transported big machinery for textile production. I am very proud of my team: they worked with untiring commitment to meet the customer’s expectations.

140 Years of Militzer & Münch

In 1880, Richard Militzer and Werner Münch merged their forwarding companies and founded the Militzer & Münch rail forwarding company in Hof, Bavaria. In the course of the years, the company developed into a worldwide operating logistics services provider with about 2,100 employees today. On 1 April 2020, Militzer & Münch celebrate their 140-year anniversary. 

“We look back on 140 eventful and successful years”, says Michael Albert, President of the Board of Directors of M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding AG. “Over the decades, we have again and again opened up new fields of logistics, with our pioneering spirit, with plenty of courage and of course with lots of committed employees.”

From Horse and Cart to the Truck Fleet

It all began with Richard Militzer and Werner Münch founding a joint company at Neuer Bahnhof [engl. New Station] in Hof. With the Bavarian and Saxonian railway lines now joined, new long-distance railway connections were available to the young company far beyond the operating range of horse and cart. The limited range of the horse-drawn vehicles required creating a tight branch network, connected by the railway. The first regional branch offices were founded. For the local porcelain, glass and textile industries, Militzer & Münch opened up markets in Europe, for instance in Italy and England.

The first M&M truck did regular traffic between Hof and Oelsnitz, a 30-kilometer distance, at the beginning of the 20th century. “For us today, it is difficult to imagine, but the purchase of the first truck and thus the switch-over from horse to motorized vehicle must have been something really special at that time”, Michael Albert says. “Nowadays, we have hundreds of trucks and trailers, from our own fleet or chartered, running for us.”

Venturing into New Markets

Militzer & Münch continued growing steadily. At the time of the 50-year anniversary in 1930, the company counted 40 commercial employees and 17 blue collar workers. After World War II, Militzer & Münch added sea and airfreight to its portfolio and opened a branch in Hamburg plus the first airfreight office Frankfurt Airport. In 1951, the first M&M unit abroad was founded in Athens, Greece. In the countries of Eastern Europe, in the Middle East, in Central Asia and China, Militzer & Münch was a trailblazer in developing international forwarding and logistics business. Decades of robust growth began. In 1980, the individual country units were united under the umbrella of a holding in St. Gallen.




•    1880: Founding of Militzer & Münch
•    1892: Founding of the first regional branch office
•    1949: M&M appointed official IATA agent
•    1951: Opening the first office abroad in Athens, Greece
•    1962: Opening the first airfreight center at Frankfurt Airport
•    1980: Founding of M&M Militzer & Münch International Holding AG in St. Gallen
•    2017 & 2018: Founding of country units in Algeria and Sri Lanka
•    2019: Founding of a joint venture in Serbia

At Home in the World

With circa 100 locations in 28 countries and numerous partners, Militzer & Münch today offers forwarding and logistics services around the globe – especially opening up
difficult-to-access markets for its customers. Thus, in the past few years, Militzer & Münch took into operation its own country units in Algeria and Sri Lanka. Intensifying the Central Asia and Far East traffics is also essential part of the growth strategy. For many years already, Militzer & Münch has been operating its own branch offices in almost all countries along the New Silk Road; among them, locations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Russia and China.

“We want to convince our customers also in the future with our unbreakable enthusiasm and our first-class performance, and further expand our range of services”, says Michael Albert. “The anniversary is also occasion for us to look towards the future. For values like quality, responsibility and security count now as they did then.

140 years – an opportunity also to give thanks to our employees and especially to our customers.”

Strong in Sea Freight

Just over a year ago, the Sri Lankan organization of Militzer & Münch took up operations at the port of Colombo. Despite the country’s difficult internal situation, the company keeps growing, with especially sea freight developing very well. In order to offer even better service to their customers, the team optimized the company’s IT. What’s more, Militzer & Münch Sri Lanka is now a member of FFSI, the global transportation network.

Militzer & Münch has been operating in the island nation in the Indian Ocean since 2015 – initially via a delegation office. The growing importance of Sri Lanka as a logistics hub on the Maritime Silk Road in South Asia and the expansion of the port of Colombo led to Militzer & Münch founding its own logistics company there in June 2018.

Successful in The Sea Freight Segment

Operating from the office at the port of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, the team works for a wide range of industry sectors. “Beside tea and coconut fibers, also air plane tires, raw material for textiles, electronic devices and laboratory equipment are among the goods we mainly transport”, says Dilum Stembo, Managing Director M&M Militzer & Münch (Pvt) Ltd. “In 2018, sea freight accounted for far more than half our transports.”

First Multimodal Transport

Most shipments are sent to Europe or the CIS countries. A CIS country was also the destination of Militzer & Münch Sri Lanka’s first multimodal transport. In July the team in Colombo handled a shipment from Thailand via the Russian port of Vostochny to Uzbekistan, in cooperation with sister company InterRail. The freight: about 23 tons of steam activated carbon, which Militzer & Münch transported in a 40’ high cube container. The transit time was 55 days. Additionally the team handled the transport of another two 40’ high cube containers with about 56 tons of coco fiber from Colombo to Tashkent – this could turn into a regular order for the Militzer & Münch team.

Part of The Network

In May 2019, Militzer & Münch Sri Lanka joined FFSI (Feta Freight Systems International), a transportation network within the Far East Transportation Association (FETA). “The FFSI membership offers us vast opportunities to cooperate with qualified transport companies”, says Dilum Stembo. “As part of the network, we hope to be able to further develop our business. Moreover, we and also our customers profit from a wider geographic coverage. Apart from the advantages that come with the membership, being part of FFSI also constitutes a high distinction for us, as the network only accepts the best transport companies as members.”

Customers Benefit From New IT

Continuous improvement of processes is part of the growth strategy of Militzer & Münch Sri Lanka. “It motivates us to always define new potential for optimization”, Dilum Stembo says. Recently, the team replaced the TA (transport administration) system. “The new system is much better adapted to Sri Lankan standards – it allows us to work in a more efficient way, to offer our customers even better service, and to continue growing in the market”, Dilum Stembo explains.


M&M Poland Now Regulated Agent

With the new status as Regulated Agent, Militzer & Münch Poland can offer its customers faster, cheaper and more secure transport of cargo by air.

Airfreight is subject to comprehensive and complex security regulations, from which shipments forwarded by a Regulated Agent are exempt. To acquire this status, companies need to undergo an accreditation audit with the responsible aviation authority and to train their staff accordingly.

The Regulated Agent status comes with advantages for logistics companies and their customers:

• Exemption from cargo security control;

• Reduction of operating costs
(no additional cargo security control at the airport needed);

• Acceleration of the cargo handling process;

• Increased credibility on the air freight market.

The New Status Motivates The Team

In late February 2019, M&M air sea cargo S.A., the air and sea freight segment of Militzer & Münch in Poland, was accorded Regulated Agent status. This is another step forward on the company’s path to further optimize and expand its customer service.

“We are happy to be able to act as Regulated Agent in line with the EU regulation for our customers”, says Artur Wojtczak, Director Sales M&M air sea cargo S.A. “This holds a big advantage for our customers, yet at the same time for us as a company it means big responsibility.” Thus, the Regulated Agent has to declare shipments as secure or not secure, among others; he has to guarantee that no prohibited items get on board with airfreight shipments, and issue the necessary accompanying documents.

Paweł Iwaniuk, Manager of the Export Department at Militzer & Münch Poland: “In view of the good development of airfreight exports – especially in the foodstuff and cosmetics sector – the Regulated Agent status is of great support to us in our everyday jobs. We can now handle export orders smoothly and much faster than before. Working within a secure supply chain will also help us win as new customers such companies that want to grow with us.”

Faster Processes and Greater Security

Smooth processes and wide geographic coverage are decisive factors for the success of an international logistics services provider. Militzer & Münch Morocco’s AEO certification helps the company to further strengthen its market position – also to the benefit of the customers.

Continuous development is part of everyday business for the Moroccan organization of Militzer & Münch; the logistics company under Managing Director Olivier Antoniotti keeps expanding at regular intervals. Among the expansions are the opening of the country’s first bonded customs warehouse in 2000, the founding of subsidiary Spedimex in 2001, and the construction of new locations in Casablanca (2003), Tangiers (2008 and 2016) and Sapino Nouaceur (2012).

Improving The Supply Chain

The foundation of this growth is the smooth supply chain, which is continuously optimized by Militzer & Münch Morocco. Since May for instance, the company has been acting as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO, Full certificate) – which means the company was granted AEO status in Morocco. ‘Authorized Economic Operator’ is an internationally recognized certificate that simplifies customs processes and guarantees appropriate safety and security standards along the supply chain.

Headed by Olivier Antoniotti and his deputy Ahmed Zouhair, the Militzer & Münch Morocco team worked for two years to upgrade the organization to the requirements of AEO Full certificate standards. In order to receive the full certificate of Security and Safety (AEO S), the company had to meet all applicable customs and tax regulations and provide appropriate security measures and proper accounting. It was well worth the effort, and in May, Olivier Antoniotti signed the contract.

“The AEO status allows us to speed up international goods transports”, says Olivier Antoniotti. “That way, we can offer our customers simplified and more efficient transport services. We are especially proud to be the first company to have been granted AEO Full certificate status in Morocco.”

As a next step, the company is working on a full EDI connection (Electronic Data Interchange) with the Moroccan customs. This data interchange allows paperless transfer of customs declaration delivery notes and other business documents from system to system without manual intervention. As a result, processes run even faster and more effectively.


Everything under one roof

In late 2018, Militzer & Münch moved to a new distribution center in Greece. At the new, spacious location in Aspropyrgos near Athens, Militzer & Münch combines different warehouses. The modern technologies and efficient usability of the new premises optimally support logistics activities and contribute to the growth of the company.

Militzer & Münch Greece has moved to a new location. The new construction at Aspropyrgos, an Athens suburb, is situated close the old warehouse near the Athens-Patras Motorway. In addition to Aspropyrgos, Militzer & Münch Greece continues operating at the second location, in Thessaloniki, the western port city.

As private consumption, the main indicator of Greek economy, remains at a low level, and the manufacturing industry is all but non-existent, Militzer & Münch has shifted its focus to value added services. Being the leading provider of these services in Greece, Militzer & Münch early on recognized the opportunity. “The move to the new logistics facility allows offering such services as labeling, picking and packing, warehousing and customs management at a very high level”, says Panagiotis Manolopoulos, Managing Director M&M Militzer & Münch S.A.

Bundling activities at one location 

With a storage area of 13,605 square meters and a 500 square meter zone for offices and staff rooms, the new complex lets the Militzer & Münch Greece team combine all the activities handled at Aspropyrgos under one roof. Until autumn 2018, warehousing and office areas were spread over four buildings at different addresses.

Not only does the building offer lots of space, it also comes with optimal ceiling height. Thanks to the space-saving sprinkler system under the roof, the employees can make efficient use of the space available: the shelves go up to almost ten meters in height.

In terms of technological and ecological aspects, the warehouse offers enormous added value, too. “We have here a very modern, energy-efficient new building equipped with state-of-the-art technology”, Panagiotis Manolopoulos says. “The warehouse features 14 electronically controlled ramps. Transparent overhead light strips allow working by daylight almost full-time and reduce energy consumption.” With high speed Internet and innovative warehouse management software laying the technological base, the company can now offer the entire service spectrum of a 3PL and 4PL provider.

The move, and the growth it enables, were duly celebrated. “On January 21, we festively inaugurated the new building”, says Panagiotis Manolopoulos. “Apart from our main customers, the directors of the German-Greek Chamber of Commerce and the Greek Forwarders’ Association attended.”

In Istanbul: a 6,000 square meter logistics area

On 1st October, the Militzer & Münch Turkey team moved to a new office and a new warehouse in Istanbul. The location, optimally situated in vicinity of Istanbul’s Muratbey customs office, lends itself for cross docking and also allows a wide range of logistics services; it also simplifies overland transports between Europe and Turkey.

Militzer & Münch Turkey has been operating the new warehouse and office at Hadımköy, Istanbul, since October 1st, 2018. From this location, the team offers mainly road transports going to Europe, but also to other destinations such as the Balkans and CIS countries.

Despite the economic situation of the country, Militzer & Münch Turkey managed to develop successfully. “We succeeded in winning new customers and increasing our turnover; and in the past months, we were able to dedicate more time to such services as intermodal solutions”, says Cem Ulusoy, Managing Director of Militzer & Münch Turkey. The future looks very bright to the Turkish M&M organization. “Increasing our market share, developing our transports volumes, and also concentrating on combined traffics and the project business still are and remain our targets.”

At a total area of 5,700 square meters, of which 350 square meters office space, the facility has more capacity than the former warehouse and also provides the possibility to offer additional logistic services. “3,000 square meters of the facility alone are dedicated for bonded storage”, says Cem Ulusoy. “Other sectors we use for cross docking for export shipments and as storage and distribution center for domestic goods.”

The sales team at Militzer & Münch Turkey profits from the facility’s optimal situation in Istanbul. “The new location is near the Muratbey customs office, which seals all export trucks. Moreover, many big corporations with import and export business are domiciled around us within a 20-kilometer radius”, Cem Ulusoy says. “The close proximity lets us reach existing customers and potential new ones much better.”

The Lapis Lazuli Route reopened

In earlier times on camelback, today via truck: since the end of 2018, the famous trade corridor between Afghanistan and Europe has been reopened. The transport route, named for the blue semi-precious stone, dates back more than 5,000 years and comprises the shortest overland and sea routes between Central Asia and Europe.

At the Afghanistan Regional Economic Cooperation Conference in November 2017, the foreign ministers of the countries involved – Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey – signed the transport and transit agreement concerning the Lapis Lazuli Route. The roads, railway tracks and waterways connect Europe and Turkey, via the shortest routes, with Afghanistan and Central Asia, and via the New Silk Road also with China.

The reopening of the Lapis Lazuli Route is meant to promote regional cooperation and to strengthen the economic and cultural relations between Asia and Europe. In the long term, the initiative will also boost Afghanistan’s infrastructure and economy.

3,000 years before Christ 

The Lapis Lazuli Route is part of the old Silk Road. The name is inspired by the history of the trade routes used to export lapis lazuli (Latin for: blue stone) more than 2,000 years ago from Afghanistan to the Caucasus, to Russia, the Balkans, to Europe and North Africa.

More than 6,000 years ago, man began mining the valuable lapis lazuli deposits for export to far-away regions. Parts of the trade lanes that make today’s Lapis Lazuli Route between Afghanistan and countries to the west were established already in the third millennium before Christ. Using different routes, caravans of up to 4,000 animals covered distances of 3,000 and more kilometers to take lapis lazuli and other rocks mined in Afghanistan to Mesopotamia and Egypt.

The only suitable means of transport were donkeys and camels. While donkeys carried the goods safely across the eastern mountain ranges, the camels were able to cover the rest of the distance across the sandy desert, owing to the fat storage in their humps. On arrival in Mesopotamia, the traders exchanged the blue stone, among others, against wool and grains.

The Lapis Lazuli corridor in the 21st century

For a long time, owing to insufficient infrastructure along sections of the route and the economic and political instability of the countries involved, the route was impassable. Massive investments in connection with the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative), China’s program to push the development of the New Silk Road, contributed to the revival of the old trade routes. This also benefitted the projects of the Militzer & Münch group in Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

Today, the Lapis Lazuli Route is of interest for the transport of cotton, dried fruit and sesame products, which can now be delivered to Europe within the shortest time via the reopened sea and overland routes.


New service to Algeria

One year after an affiliate company was opened in Algeria, Militzer & Münch France launches regular groupage transports to Oran. The new product meets the rising demand for connections to the country’s second biggest city. Over the past four years, Militzer & Münch France’s transports to Algeria have increased by 300 percent.

Oran is the commercial capital of western Algeria, a region where numerous renowned automobile manufactures have settled, among others. To further develop its activities in this highly promising market, Militzer & Münch started offering regular groupage shipments in mid-September. The new service provides two departures per month – with a direct connection from Marseilles to Oran. The transit time is only five days.

The service is also available for dangerous goods transports. Moreover, via the Marseilles branch, Militzer & Münch offers value-added services such as labeling, quality control, order picking and packaging for all Algeria transports.